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My name is Emily! I currently share a reptile collection with my best friend Adam! I'm hoping to blog about my sometimes funny life with reptiles and other reptile stuff! My dream is to breed reptiles along side whatever career I follow. I am currently studying in zoology and wildlife. I hope to specify in herpetology one day in the future.

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SACRAMENTO – Wildlife Care Association (WCA) is a non-profit association in Sacramento that cares for sick, orphaned and injured animals. Sadly, after more than three decades, the facility will be forced to close its doors in August without badly needed funding, and thousands of animals will be turned away, with nowhere to go.

We already have many mouths to feed so feed costs have added to the increase in operating expenses. Currently, our budget shortfall for 2014 is upwards of $60,000.

We are still in jeopardy of closing our doors mid-season. This means at least half of the animals brought to WCA for help would have to go to animal control to be euthanized. As expected, the current drought condition is affecting local wildlife. WCA is currently taking in 25-40 animals per day, many of which are severely dehydrated. This is more than double the normal intake numbers for this time of year.


This is a really important rehab facility for the Sacramento region- they rehabilitate a lot of wildlife and are really good at what they do. They’re short a lot of money and while they really need monetary donations to keep open, any donation (time, items, etc) would be super helpful:

To learn more & donate:


I’m feeding and defrosting rats for the snakes, feeding crickets to a leopard gecko, and soaking dishes to clean for crested geckos while updating Tumblr. Multitasking.

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Cel’s California Trip 2014 - Day Two: SNAAAKES!

At Wednesday Night Market they had a booth where you could hold snakes and holy crap I just realized how nice their scales feel *o* Super adorable too!

Haha! That’s my Herp society booth! Every Wednesday night in Santa Rosa, we bring out some of our reptiles for the public to enjoy. We are one of the highlights of the market! Every week, we bring different reptiles. Our animals also get brakes so they aren’t out being passed around the whole night. We also have a nice big black tub for the snake bags to go in that has warm bottles of water for when the night gets home. The markets are an opportunity to help us educate people about owning reptiles as pets and more about native species. Sometimes we are accompanied by the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue educator who brings her native snake displays, including our local rattlesnake species. Stop by our booth at the Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Farmer’s Market and come say hi!

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The-reptile-girl’s critters, a friendly little Leopard Gecko named Apollo and a Champagne BP that she picked up at the show. :3c

Teehee! An update on the champagne: his name is Paarthurnax. Thank you for taking pictures of them! 

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Sorry for the MIA…

I had a busy Thursday-Saturday with school, work and the Pleasanton Show. I nabbed a nice champagne breeding sized male for a nice price! I wanted to find a nice crested male, but none stood out. It was nice seeing fuckyeahballpythons at the show!

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jdr3ad said: Are you going to the Pleasanton reptile show this weekend? :)


Well, I am now! Totally forgot about, thanks for reminding me.

Come visit me at the booth for the North Bay Herp Society! I’ll have my geckos with me for edumacation! 

The guy at one of the local radio stations is afraid of snakes…

I’m going to see if I can get him to change his mind at the Farmer’s markets. NICELY, of course. I would never for any of my snakes on someone who is afraid of them

After 2 years of owning my Dumeril’s boa…

Her favorite place to sit on me is still inside of my shirt, under my cleavage. 


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